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Just for Fun….Google Chrome Commerical I saw last night

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Want to know a little tidbit about me?  I like to critique TV commercials.

Well, from the little bit of live TV that I watch that is.

I remember from a marketing class in college, we learned all the different angles of advertising: emotion, family, intrigue, guilty, jealousy, humor, wonder, information, etc.  I like to label commercials with different categories and see how they fit.

Usually, I watch DVR’d versions of any show that I like and I skip through the commercials.

But last night I happened upon this commercial and thought it was pretty good.


I really like this commercial.  It reminds me of my relationship with my Dad. I can usually just call my dad up and have a casual talk about something really big or something not at all.  Yesterday we talked about how a hot water heater works.

Anyway, this commercial has the perfect combination of intrigue, emotion, compassion and feel-goodidness (that’s a real word, by the way, (that I just made up)).   It shows how Google Chrome connects people, through all the different emotions of  life.  It give s you the feeling that you too want to connect with people, to have that same relationship as the father and daughter have.

I makes me want to check out what more Google Chrome can do.

What do you think?  Do you like this commercial?

Happy Friday Everyone!




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