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Word Up Wednesday…Audit

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EEEKK!!!  Just the sound of word makes people cringe.

But let’s look at it – – it isn’t really all that bad.

Audit – (n). an official examination and verification of accounts and records, especially of financial accounts.









While we typically think of audits as financial accounts there are actually many types of audits – – think:

  •  safety
  • efficiency
  • electricity/energy
  • insurance
  • and I know a certain someone who happens to write this blog who does Time and Energy Audits.

I think audits are actually a good thing and should be done from time to time in different areas of your home or small business.  Audits keep people honest and in compliance with codes and laws (building codes, tax codes, etc).  Audits can also find ways to improve your “systems” and help you “trim the fat” and  become more efficient.  Which will most likely help you save time and money.

Think about an energy audit done on your home.  Here an energy expert will come and look at your insulation, sealants (around doors and windows) windows, etc. and help you find ways to keep the heat or the cold in (whichever you wish).

Audits can cost money though, but this is a case where an independent audit and the money spent to have one done can end up saving you money in the long run.

If you are curious about the Time and Energy Audit I conduct, let’s connect! (There is no charge for the call – and I’m really nice).

Have a great Wednesday!



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