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No Me Monday – – the best advice I ever got..

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Happy Monday!

I thought today’s edition of Not Me Monday could involve a little audience participation.  With it being graduation season, I wanted to share with you a couple of the best bits of advice I have gotten in my life.

  • A couple of days before I got married,  a friend of my mom’s said to  me:  “Have an interest or activity that you do as a couple and have an interest or activity that you do by yourself.”
  • My dad said this as part of a toast at my high school graduation party: “Never stop asking questions.”
  • My company commander while in boot camp for the Navy put this spin on it: “They can call you Bitch all they want, as long as they spell it with a capital ‘B‘.”
  • After getting fired from a job I had in college where just the month previous, I had been employee of the month, (I’ll tell you the story someday) – after about a week, I heard my position had been filled and all was going on like I had never worked there…. I told myself: “Don’t get too cocky….everyone is irreplaceable.
  • Right after my son was born and I was complaining about how tired I was, my mom told me…and while this isn’t really advice per say – it did put it into perspective:  “You’re going to be tired for the next eighteen years.

So now it is your turn – what is the best little bit of advice have you received?

Happy Monday!


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One thought on “No Me Monday – – the best advice I ever got..

  1. Don’t waste time worrying about what might happen. Deal with what is.

    Don’t judge a person’s motives, judge their actions.

    These are the two I find most helpful. The first is from my husband who got it from his father who once famously said, ” the things I’ve found the most stressful and upsetting in my life never actually happened.” The second I don’t remember the origin. Maybe it’s one I made up myself. I get tired of the people who spend all their time judging someone else’s motives. Maybe that person is trying to make a name for his/herself by helping with that project or maybe they just think it is worth doing. I have no way of knowing so I merely look at the consequences of their action. If things got better as a result of what they did great if things got worse avoid them in the future.

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