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Tips on Tuesday – Birthday Cards


Happy May!

Don’t you love receiving a birthday card?  I do!  I love seeing all the cards displayed across our mantle and I keep them up there for a couple of weeks until I take them down and tuck them away.

I think the art of sending birthday cards has fallen by the wayside with technology and hectic schedules.  But if you love receiving cards, I’m sure people would love to receive one from you.

And it is really quite easy to do.  And it takes just a little bit of planning.

Use the first day of each month as your jumping off point.  On this day, sign, seal, address each card you wanting to send out.  Write the date in the spot where the stamp will go.  When the time gets close, place a stamp over the date and stick it in the mail.

If you prefer to send eCards, many of these have a time set option where you can  put the exact date of delivery.

Then plan ahead for next month.   Make a list of whose birthdays are coming up and stock up on cards.  Then you’ll be ready for next month.

Over time this will become your habit and you’ll feel good about remembering your friend’s special days.

Happy Tuesday!



Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

4 thoughts on “Tips on Tuesday – Birthday Cards

  1. I agree Amy! and I even send homemade cards, which are really loved and appreciated! I would send Jordan handmade cards while she was in college, and it tickeled me that she loved them so much. I really think this tradition has faded away, bummed.

  2. Yes, an actual card in the mail (or better yet, hand-delivered) still feels different somehow than an email or ecard. I noted this especially when my mom died and have vowed to always send a physical card when someone I know dies. Oops, didn’t mean to bum out this post, but to agree that cards on all occasions are lovely!

  3. I agree – – maybe the art of mailing old fashion cards will make a comeback….I like it too.

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