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Not Me Monday – A No-Do List


Happy Monday Morning!

Today’s edition of Not Me Monday is all about creating a No-Do List.  What is a No Do List – – well, you’ll have to read to find out more.

I love this author’s idea of creating a list of things to not do.  I think from a time management perspective…this is just as important as creating your To-Do List.

I love her first two items on her No-Do List.

1. Don’t watch reruns

2. Don’t waste time online.

But like she mentions in the first part of the blog….this list is personal.  And I like that she says it is not a negative thing…in fact – it is really quite the opposite.

This could be a fun exercise – – what would you put on your No-Do List?  Take a look at your biggest time wasters…can you “not do them” this week?  How about just one… what would that be?  Share it in the comments section – – we can get some inspiration from each other.

Hope your day is a great one!



Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

4 thoughts on “Not Me Monday – A No-Do List

  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for linking to my post on Productivity Your Way. I’m glad you enjoyed it.. I’ll look forward to seeing what everyone else puts on their no-do lists:-)

  2. Hey There! Thanks for the thanks. I too look froward to seeing what are on everyone’s lists. Stay tuned. =) Amy

  3. mine would be similar…less online time, and less tv time!

  4. Those are pretty good ones – – I was thinking for myself – I could also add “don’t turn the TV off when the workout DVD gets to the cool down and stretch part” – in other words – Finish the Whole Workout!

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