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Tips on Tuesday – Cups, glasses, water bottles….oh my!

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While I was home on vacation last week, I got into a conversation with my sister and my cousins about things our moms did that we are now doing – now that we are adults and parents, ourselves.  One of things that we all remember is my Mom’s thermos full of Kool-Aid and our personalized red cups.

It is hot in Texas and my mom got tired of us going in and out of the refrigerator looking for something cool to drink.  Her answer to the problem….keep a thermos full of cold Kool-Aid and give each of us one cup.  I can still remember the thermos sitting on our back porch.  Do you remember the old McDonald’s thermos you could get for school functions and such?  Our thermos was similar – just a smaller family version.

My tip today is – do the same thing.  Now with drink pouches and bottled water and sport drinks…everyone reaches for a drink and never thinks about the waste or cost involved.  By offering a large pitcher (or thermos) of your favorite drink  (lemonade, Kool-Aid, iced tea, you can even buy sport drink powders) and allocating one cup per day per user, you’ll soon notice how much waste you’ve reduced and money you’ve saved too.  Save the bottled drinks for trips or picnics.

What childhood things do you remember your parents doing and now you are doing the same thing?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Happy Tuesday.




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One thought on “Tips on Tuesday – Cups, glasses, water bottles….oh my!

  1. My mom had a coffee cup rack and plastic coffee cups with handles for each of us. She marked our names on them with permanent marker and we each had a designated hook on the rack. Once a week she’d put them in the dishwasher. It REALLY cut down on the number of cups we had to wash every day. And we drank WATER out of the tap.

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