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My Take on Thursday – the Friday edition –


I can’t think of what to write for this week’s My Take on Thursday.  Even now – it is Friday and my mind just won’t commit to any ideas.

They say – whenever  you are stuck about what to write, just start writing.  So that is what I’m doing.

Here are a couple of thoughts on what I thought I wanted to write about.


I sent out a request to a group I belong to on Linkedin looking for people who would like to be featured as guest writers for my blog while I’m on vacation next week.  I asked them to send me a link to an article they would like featured that might fit in with my overall theme.  I got a couple of really good suggestions, but I also got a couple of people that said “You can take anything off my blog.”

Well…I’m not going to be featuring those people, I can tell you already. I specifically asked for articles – not invitations to go read their entire collection of  blog posts and pick my favorite.  

Hint:  If someone offers to do something for you that will benefit you or your business – dont’ make them do more work.  Help them out as much as possible.

I was also going to write about:


An email I got from a co-worker that was obviously mid-thought on her part.  She was requesting some information, but her request was so vague  – I really didn’t understand what it was that she needed.

I ended up having to email her back and admit my shortcomings of not understanding what she needed and asked for more information. 

Hint:  Even if you know the person you are emailing knows what you are emailing about – it is best to still offer some additional details and background information to make it easier on the receiver.

One last thought:


On March 1st, I turned my programmable thermostat down one degree on all settings.  It is my attempt to save a little energy and reduce costs overall.  What I didn’t anticipate was March being colder than January.  So as I sit here typing, my fingers are cold and I’m about to bump of the heater a couple of notches.

Hint:  Don’t adjust the thermostat according to the calendar, use a thermometer instead.  

Well – look at that – – I started writing, admitted I was stuck and took a different approach to the process.  Originally, the posts were getting long and naggy  and quite honestly – boring.  But I like the way these turned out – short and to the point.  And three hints are a bonus!

Happy Day Everyone!



Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

2 thoughts on “My Take on Thursday – the Friday edition –

  1. Great advice Amy!

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