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Thursdays Takes….a quote from Albert Einstein for a phone caller….

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One of my all time favorite quotes:

Insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I love you Mr. Einstein and this morning I was signing your name over a series of phone calls I received.  

Here’s how it played out: 

7:43am – phone rings – I ignore it b/c I was tied up with getting my sons ready for school. 

7:55am – phone rings again – from the same number as before…I ignore it…same reason as before. 

8:02am – phone rings again – I answer it – it must be important b/c they keep calling – although they aren’t leaving a message. 

Caller asks for Carly. 

I inform her that she has the wrong number.  

8:17, 8:45 and 8:55am – – same scenario plays out…I answer it – she asks for  Carly, I tell her she has the wrong number.  

Finally – 9:02am – – during this exchange, I ask her – what number are you trying to call?  She says 443-#### .

Well – I see the problem –  my number is 440-#### – –

Two questions I have for this girl – and I get that the hours between 7am – 9am might be really early for someone and maybe she wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders yet.  

  1. How did you get a zero mixed up for a three? 
  2. Why did you keep either misdialing and/or redialing my number expecting a different result? 


See quote above….

Happy Thursday Everyone!




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