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Tips on Tuesdays – Help us out with the jargon, PLS

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Jargon – the language, especially the vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group.

I know this person who speaks in jargon.  And I’m not in her industry, so consequently, I don’t always know what she is talking about.

Why do people do this?  Are they showing off?  Do they have a superiority complex that they like to see people look confused while they are talking?  Are they that wrapped up in their jobs that they can’t step out for a second and speak normally to normal people?  Are they just a little inconsiderate?

It drives me crazy!  I am constantly having to ask this person – what is that?  What does that mean?  I don’t know what that is.



I totally get it – when you use jargon and you speak it, write it, live it, eight hours a day, it might be a bit hard to turn off.

Truthfully, I like it when a person like a doctor will use a term that is an abbreviation or some sort of jargon and then follow up with a description or definition of what that term is.

It’s not that I’m anti-jargon….I’m just anti-understanding.

If  you are in a highly technical field or a specialized industry where you and your cohorts have created your own language – please share it with the lay person and don’t keep us in the dark.  Or if it is indeed a secret language – – don’t use is in front of us.  Don’t talk down to us – just speak in everyday English.

Today’s Question – do you work in an industry that is jargon filled?  Do tell – – share some of  your favorites with us!

Happy Tuesday!




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