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Not Me Monday – Branding with no budget

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It’s been a little over ten years ago when I started my first company and even though I have a degree in Business Administration, I felt I needed any help I could get.  So I took a class offered through our local Parks and Rec Department on “Marketing for Your Small Business”

I didn’t learn anything new or jaw dropping, many of the things I learned were consistent and served as a reminder of the topics I learned while in college.

This week’s Not Me Monday is written by the man who taught that class so many years ago.  And his message is consistent with techniques that can be applied to today’s market just as they worked many years ago.

You can read the article here:

Branding Your Business or Organization When You Have No Money.

What I really like about Mr. Hoke’s message is basic: find what works for you, what separates you from your competition and be consistent in that.



Let’s answer his question that he mentions in the article:  name one successful brand that is built on anything other than a better idea and world-class customer service.  

I’m not sure I can….

Happy Monday Everyone!


PS – did you watch Shark Tank on Friday?  Wasn’t that last guy crazy????


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One thought on “Not Me Monday – Branding with no budget

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