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Tuesdays’ Tips – How to wake up!


Yesterday I posted a “what’s your biggest time challenge” question on my Just a Minute Facebook page.   A  couple of the comments were “how to get up in the morning without hitting the snooze button.”  Thanks to everyone who commented, some good ideas for future posts – but this one got me thinking right away.


Some mornings – ok – most mornings – it seems so hard to wake up and get up.  It is warm and cozy in bed and you’re still sleepy and it is so easy to say…. “please, give me just ten more minutes…..”

But yesterday’s comments made me think – how can that same old morning routine be something different?  How can we wake up with more energy and without the personal battle that we play out every morning?

Surely you’ve read all the “how to wake up” tips that are out there:

  • set your alarm thirty minutes early
  • set two or three alarms
  • wake gently to soft music
  • wake up immediately with an obnouxious ringing alarm that will also wake your neighbors
  • use a soft light to gently waken your whole mind and body
  • set the alarm across the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off
  • use those mental alarms that make you answer a question or solve a puzzle before it shuts off.

The thing about all these sorts of systems is that – even in our sleepy state – we are smarter than they are.  Mainly because we are the ones that trying to “trick”oursleves to thinking they will work.  Have you ever noticed that you can’t tickle yourself?  Same sort of thing – you can’t trick yourself either.

Answer this – if you set your clock nine minutes fast – do you trust that is the correct time – or do you still allow yourself to realize that you still have at least nine extra minutes?

So I got to thinking – what if we don’t tackle the issue from the same angle – that of  – what tools and techniques we can use in the morning – instead – let’s tackle this issue the night before.

What is your normal bedtime routine?

This is what mine looks like – – I check email and Facebook one last time, let the dogs out, check the locks, change my clothes, brush my teeth, get into bed – maybe read or watch a little TV to unwind before shutting my eyes.  I would assume you have some sort of nightly ritual that you go through each night.

What if during this process – you also envisioned falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest and waking up energized and ready to tackle the world.

Here’s what I suggest we all try – – during that last email check of the night – also look at your “to-do list” for  the next day or the the rest of the week and take that to bed with you.


It is important to not think of this list as dread and “oh my god – look at all I have to do tomorrow.”   Don’t do that or you’ll obsess about it all night long and end up not getting a good night’s rest.

Look at your list and envision yourself make progress on your list and getting closer to your goals.  Find the passion in your list and let yourself be excited about what the tomorrow will hold for you in the form of possibilities.

Athletes do this sort of thing.  Politicians on the campaign trail do too.  People that do great things everyday fill their heads with positive thoughts and imagine themselves doing great things.  Why not use this same imagery practice in your daily routines – and it starts with:

  • I will wake up fully rested and jump into my day!
  • I am going to wake up strong and energized tomorrow!
  • I am excited about what the future holds!

Here’s one last thought – – does that extra ten minutes really help?  Do you feel better by getting those extra ten minutes – only to beat yourself up later about it?

Change the thought pattern!  Become excited that you have a new day in front of you – yours for the taking!

Go get ’em Tiger!!!







Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

6 thoughts on “Tuesdays’ Tips – How to wake up!

  1. Taking my to-do list to bed would violate one rule I’ve had since I started telecommuting: never take work into the bedroom. I might work in my living room or kitchen during the day, but one of the best parts about having my office on another floor from the main living area is that at the end of the work day I can leave it behind.
    My suggestion for waking up is to plan to do something that you enjoy the first thing in the morning. It is much easier for me to get out of bed early if I know I can then enjoy my hobby of quilting for a while as a reward for that early start.
    I’d also recommend that people not overlook the importance of going to bed at the right time. With my daughter I can clearly see the difference that just 15 minutes in her bed time makes on the morning.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I have a slight alteration on your suggestion, as I am like Amy Beth and do not take work into my bedroom. I suggest that just before bed, you look at your to-do list for the following day while still in your work area and then write out a list of the things that you accomplished during the current day. This will give you a good feeling and help you realize that you are going to accomplish things tomorrow as well. Then write out a separate list of things that you are grateful for. This too will put you in a positive frame of mind for sleeping.
    In February I hosted a teleseminar on using sleep to save time in business. Let me know if you’d like details!

  3. Forgot to say that I LOVE the photo of the tiger!

  4. Grrrreeat Points Monique (Get it – grrrreeeattt…like Tony the Tiger used to say.) I agree – I don’t like to take work to bed either – but a positive glance at your to- do list that could give you a boost could mean “I get to go to my son’s little league game tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that” or “I am going to finish this major aspect on this project and that will clear my mind and desk for something new.” I think if we look at the possibility of what our potential is – – instead of “holy crap…look at all I have to do tomorrow” – I think our anticipation of the next day is more positive and will help us want to jump right out of bed and wake up eagerly!

    I’d love to see the details on your teleseminar. You can send them to my email – amy@amymunns.com

    And thanks for reading! Hope your day is a good one.

    • I love Tony the Tiger! Fortunately (for my waistline and my blood sugar), I outgrew Sugar Frosted Flakes. I agree with all that you’ve said in your reply to my original message – it’s always better to go to bed anticipating tomorrow rather than dreading it! I’ll send the info on the teleseminar to your e-mail address.

      You have a great day too!

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