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Not Me Monday – Google Images

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Happy President’s Day!

I hope you are getting to enjoy a day off.  But if you have to work, here’s a little something to distract you for a few minutes.

This week’s edition of Not Me Monday isn’t so much an article or a blog that I wanting to share – instead it is a resource.

Google Images!  


I only recently started using this, but within a few short months, it has turned to one of my first places I turn when I am searching for ideas and inspiration.

Basically, Google Images is a collection of images that are found on the internet. Anything that has been published on a website, online catalog, blog, etc. and if it can be found by Google, it is most likely found on Google Images.  By simply selecting key words, you can search for all and any sorts of things.

A couple of things to consider:

  • Google Images are not free clip art.  Most of the items are copyrighted – so take caution when using items in your marketing materials, websites, presentations, etc.  You might consider contacting the owner of the image and asking for permission.  (You can usually find owner of the image by clicking on the image, Google will then take you to the website where the image can be found.)
  • Sometimes your key words might produce questionable photos or images.
To get to Google Images – simply go to http://www.google.com and type in Google Images and/or click the tab for “Images” at the top.  

I use Google Images for all sorts of things.  Recently I did a search for inspiration for homemade Valentine’s Day Cards for my kids.  I’ve also gotten inspiration for marketing ideas, flyers and posters.   The possibilities are endless and this is a true sense of not reinventing any wheels for projects that you are working on – instead take inspiration from others.

Today’s Question – have you used Google Images?  What’s sorts of searches have you used it?

Happy Monday!  Amy



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