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Thursday’s Take – why do you waste it?


My hairdresser said something to me one day that has stuck with me since the day she said it.  While I didn’t really apply the thought to her statement at the time, I have started applying it to my life these days and it is something to think about.

As part of my appointment, J, my hairdresser, would always ask “do you want to try any of the products out front?”

Not one to really go for the “up-sale” , I usually would graciously decline and say something like “I’m good, thanks.”   Usually this was all and I appreciated the fact that J. didn’t push it any harder.

But one day she asked me – “Amy, why do you spend so much money on getting your hair colored and styled and then wash it all away with cheap shampoos and conditioners?”

Well – truth be known, because I was spending so much on getting my hair done, I was trying to cut costs by not buying the overly expensive products for sale there.

Now, this isn’t about whether or not you should buy those professional hair products, that is a matter of personal choice (one of which I still use my beloved Pantene products).

This is about “why would you go through all this trouble only to throw it all away.”

As I mentioned, I’ve been mulling over her words and have been applying them to different facets in my life – and it seems to be changing my line of thinking a little bit.  Here are a couple of expamples:

  • If you are going to get up at 5:30am and run around the block four times and then come home and do thirty minutes of yoga, why would you waste that by having a fast food lunch and candy bar snack?
  • If you are going to spend four hours cleaning your house, which includes scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees, why do you let the dogs in from the rain without wiping them down first.
  • If you spend hours setting up your budget and are diligent about saving money and paying off bills, why do you leave all the lights on or run the dishwasher half full.

Give it a try!  Can you see how it might change you way of thinking.

Your time and money are valuable – don’t just throw them away!

Send me your thoughts – – on this or any blog I’ve written.  I love hearing back from everyone and love to get comments.

Happy Thursday!   Amy


Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Take – why do you waste it?

  1. these are words to think on. Why do we exert an effort on something only to waste the opportunity our effort has given us- I know I do this.

    • I know I do too! Especially the workout one….in fact I worked out this morning and also ran around while coaching my son’s basketball team – and yet -I’m eating a handful of M&M’s as I type….DUH!!!

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