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Thursday’s Take – Turbo Tax Commercials

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Ok – so I have just an itty bitty tiny issue with the current Turbo Tax commercials that are running these days.  But first let me say:

  1. I am a loyal Turbo Tax user and have been for over ten years.


B. I actually like doing my taxes – I know it is strange – but I like organizing a year’s worth of financials in one area and seeing how much we earned, how much we donated, and how much we spent.  

So here is my gripe – but first – take a look at a commercial that contains my gripe:


Ok – did you see it?  Press play again and see if you see it.

” 100% Accurate Calculations” 

Well – as any eleven year girl might say and currently my three-year old son likes to say “DUH!”

It’s called MATH.

Geez – if a tax program doesn’t guarantee 100% accurate calculations – I’d be scared.


I understand that math on a tax from is a little more than basic math – there is adding, subtracting, taking one number plugging it into a table and finding a different number, calculating percentages, etc.   But I have to say – all of these calculations can be done on a basic calculator or adding machine.  There are no derivatives, no sine, no cosine, no tangents.  (That’s all I remember from college Calculus.)

Isn’t  this is what computers are for!  Before Facebook, computers did massive calculations.  Computers make calculations easier and quicker for the user.

And I totally get it.  Turbo Tax wants to guarantee something – and they can’t guarantee that you will get a refund and they especially can’t guarantee  that your taxes are done correctly.  That depends on the person and how they inputting their personal data.

I get it.  It’s not a huge gripe.  It’s not a matter of “buyer beware”.  It’s just something I noticed and since having noticed it – every time I see the commercial, I note the comment to myself and say “I’d sure hope the calculations are done accurately.”

Today’s Questions do you have a commercial that bugs you?  Share it here!

Happy Groundhogs Day!





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