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25 Tips for Christmas – Tip #13 – Share the road with friends

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Tip #13 – Share the road with friends

Have you ever heard that gas saving tip about running all your errands on the same day?  Well, along the same thought – why not ask a friend to pick up a needed item if they are headed in that direction or work or live on that side of town.  Likewise, offer the same back to your friends.

Here’s how it works:

Molly – “Hey Diane, would you be able to stop by that little toy store next to your office and pick up an item that I have on hold.  It’s already paid for and it is waiting behind the counter under my name.”

Diane – “You bet!  I’d love to help.”

Molly – “I’m heading to Costco on Friday, do you need me to pick up anything for you?

Diane – “YES!  Thanks for offering, my Friday is slammed full.  I really need some goat cheese and a bottle of olive oil.

Give it a try – I bet the outcome will be positive.

Happy Tuesday!



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