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25 Tips of Christmas – #6 – Shipping or Wrapping – Consider the Size

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Tip #6 – Consider the Size

While out shopping for gifts – be sure to keep in mind if you’ll be shipping or wrapping said purchases.  If shipping, it is best to consider the cost of shipping as well as the size of box and other packing materials you will need.

If you will be wrapping and giving a gift in person, it is still important to remember how much wrapping materials you will need.

Taking stock of your shipping and wrapping materials before you head out is important too.  Make a note if you are running low on supplies and purchase them while you are out verses making a 10pm run to the store for more supplies.

Happy Tuesday!


PS – I love getting packages from delivery trucks, don’t you?   My office sits right in front of my office window which looks out to our street.  I love it when the UPS or FedEx trucks stops at our house.  I often meet him at the sidewalk!


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