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25 Tips of Christmas – #4 – The Nerve Center


Tip #4 – The Nerve Center

With all the extra things – gifts and supplies and other stuff- floating around during the Holiday Season – it is best to establish The Nerve Center.

Basically, the nerve center is a specific location where gifts, supplies, lists, etc. are all stored until it is time to wrap and display or ship the items.  Some suggestions are a spare bedroom, a spare bathtub, a laundry room counter, laundry basket(s), under a bed (if things need to be hidden from sneaky kids or husbands or hungry dogs  (I have both)).

I would suggest not storing things on the kitchen counter or the table used for the main meals.  These high traffic areas can cause things to get mixed up, broken or used up in everyday life – think chocolate gifts that turn into afternoon snacks.

Question for you:

Do you prefer gift bags or wrapping paper? 



Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

2 thoughts on “25 Tips of Christmas – #4 – The Nerve Center

  1. Great idea Amy! In response to your question, I really like the challenge of making a beautiful package, and I love to open them, but gift bags are often more convenient for odd sized items. If all things are equal, I chose to wrap packages.

  2. Thanks for the comment Sally. Personally – I am starting to really appreciate a beautifully wrapped package. I just wish I had the skill and patience to do it – – most of my gifts tend to be wrapped – but very basic.

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