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25 Tips of Christmas – #2 – Keep a Calendar

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Tip #2 in the 25 Tips of Christmas – – The Calendar.

The Holiday Season’s calendar is like no other.  For this season, I suggest you create a separate one for just this month’s things to do.  I would also suggest you write down everything worth noting on this calendar.

Things to put on The Calendar:

  • Parties, events, socials, open houses – whether or not you’re hosting them or you’re attending them
  • Special celebrations – ballet performances of the Nutcracker, special choir concerts in the park, Santa coming by you’re house on the fire truck – write all these down.
  • Note dates when kids are out of school and when they go back.
  • Note travel dates or when relatives arrive at your house.
  • Create a deadline for yourself – when you will be sending out your holiday cards, when you’d like to have all packages shipped, etc
  • Special memories – don’t forget to schedule time to do fun stuff too – ice skating in the park, pictures with Santa, horse and sleigh ride through the woods, lighted boats on the river.

One final thought – don’t feel pressure to  fill up the calendar.  If you work on organizing your calendar  today, you could be looking at 24 more days until the big day – – but – remember – it is OK to have some white space on the calendar.  With all the extra running around and extra activities – some white space will be most appreciated and deserved.

Today’s question:

Do you have one tradition that you do every single year and would never dream of missing it?  My family and I commit to try something different and special each year, just the four of us.  Last year we took a Santa train ride around Mt. Rainier here in Washington State, the year before that we walked around Seattle and road in a horse in buggy.  We haven’t come up with this year’s adventure – I’ll let you know when we do.

Happy Friday!


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