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Happy 80th Birthday To You!

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I’m up early this morning, like I try to most mornings.  My intention is to get a jump-start on things before everyone else wakes up and our day gets rolling.  Some mornings I work, write, pay bills.   Today, I am sitting on my purple ball stretching my lower back, catching up on blogs that I haven’t read.

One of the blogs I follow is from Melissa d’Arabian from the Food Network. Last week she wrote about being authentic in The Next Food Network Star contest that is being aired on the channel currently.  One thing she wrote about struck a chord with me and I’d like to ask you the same question – – complete this sentence….

“On my 80th birthday, I will know my life was successful because…..”

Here is a photo of my bulletin board that hangs in my office.  I know, it is a messy garbled mess of things – but everything up there has meaning to me or has a purpose.




Look closer at this one piece in the middle I created about ten years ago.

(Sorry, it is so blurry…I don’t know what it is about my camera/phone lately.  But, hopefully, you get the gist.)

One of my goals in life is to laugh – A Lot.  I figure, if I’m laughing, I’m probably not angry or sad.  I want to say on my 80th birthday “I had fun!”  Or assuming (and hoping) I’m still alive…maybe I’ll say “I’m having so much fun!”

My challenge for you today is to think about what your tombstone will read or what you’ll say on your 80th birthday.  Heck  – what are you saying on your 38th birthday?

My challenge for you tomorrow is to start living that way!

If you want a jump-start on revamping your schedule or daily life to start achieving those goals, I invite you to call me.  Let’s make your goals happen!

BTW – did you check out my video yesterday?  What did you think?  Good enough to share with friends?  I hope so (and would really appreciate it!).



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