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Last Friday I promised my husband that I wouldn’t work over this long, holiday weekend.  I have to admit – I wasn’t very successful in my promise.  My original plan was to completely turn off my computer – not check Facebook, email or even Woot.


If anyone knows me – they know how hard of a feat this is for me.  I’m connected to my computer as much as I like my head attached to the top of my neck.  For the record- for a lot more than just social media and email.

Saturday, we spent the day outside, bike riding and having a picnic.  It was easy to stay away.  Sunday – I was trapped inside doing laundry and feeling conflicted that I was dressed from church and had to stay clean as we had plans to go  our friends’ place  for dinner.  I wanted to work in the yard, yet I didn’t want to get dirty.  So – clean clothes and nails won – and I opted to stay inside.

Now – what to do?  I am happy to say – I didn’t work – work – this weekend on the computer.  But I did catch up!  And cleaned up too!

I subscribe to about fifteen or so blogs that come in to my inbox almost daily – depending on the blog/author.  While I have come to be loyal followers of these authors – some of the blogs are pretty lengthy and luckily, many of them aren’t time sensitive.  Instead of reading them as they come in, I created a “blogs to read” folder and would get them out of sight while I working on other projects – and saved them to be read at a later, more convenient time.  My “blogs to read” folder had grown to over 75 emails that needed to be read over the last few weeks.

Ok – jump back to my promise to Tim – how was I going to pull my laptop out and read all my blogs without it appearing that I was working?

We have an iPad!

Tim doesn’t count my time on the iPad as work – mainly because I have been reading this month’s book club book – Uncle Tom’s Cabin – on the Kindle App.  And I usually only use it to play Majhong – (not really an Angry Birds player).

One problem – – my “blogs to read” folder was in an Outlook folder on my PC/laptop.  I couldn’t access any of them on the iPad.

I enlist Tim’s help.  “How can I read all these blogs that are in a folder in my Outlook – on the iPad?”

Tim – “easy – email them all to your Gmail account and read them there.”



I did email the folder to my Gmail account – but it didn’t work out in an ideal way.  Instead- it came across as one giant email that anytime I clicked on a link then went back – because the file was so big – it was taking too long to load…..it just wasn’t working out the way I had planned.

My desire to read the blogs and make some headway on them was more profound than the logistics of getting them all on the iPad and reading them there.

So – I pulled out the laptop and started reading.  Catching up, deleting some, saving some for further reference.  Feeling productive.

Do you remember a few months ago I wrote that series on “too much in my inbox“.  One part in that series I spoke about creating folders and/or separate email addresses.  While I read my way through the blogs this weekend – I did the latter.  After reading each one, I unsubscribed to the ones that go to the Outlook email address and resubscribed to my Gmail account.


Now – anywhere I can access the internet and/or Gmail – I can access my blogs.  Gmail has folders set up as a default so I’ll probably still sort these blog emails into one of those so I can keep the general inbox clean and read the blogs when I have free time to concentrate on them.

I know I can set up the iPad to receive the emails from my Outlook inbox – but for personal preferences I don’t like to do that.  I think this is a happy compromise.

One small glitch in the system – for any blog emails/articles I want to keep and file for future reference – I’ll need to email those back to myself and store them in a separate folder that I have on my PC.   But  – I’ll make that work.  I like this new system – it is keeping my Outlook/work inbox cleaner and it is preventing me from lugging the larger laptop around.

I have to admit, it was refreshing to open my Outlook inbox this morning to find a reduced amount of emails.  And my Gmail account is successfully receiving a few blog emails already too.

Here’s the link to my original email about keeping separate in-boxes from my “too much in my inbox” series.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Here’s to a short week!

Stay tuned – soon I’ll be introducing another fun contest – this time with a bigger prize.  Here’s a hint – it has to do with birds,stones and the number two.

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“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is to say ‘I don’t want to.'”  – Lao Tzu


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