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Get the kids to help


I am huge proponent of getting the kids to help around the house.  In fact, I am writing an eBook on just this topic and how to make it work to benefit everyone.  I’ll let everyone know when that is finished; but in the meantime, here’s a tool that might help everyone stay on track.

Tracking progress and keeping kids motivated is one of the main challenges I hear.  And let’s be honest, keeping kids motivated and on track is definitely harder on you – the parent. I can totally understand why some parents throw their hands up in defeat and just give up on the whole idea.  I was just introduced to an online tool that I think will help everyone (parents and children) stay on track and motivated.


This free website enables parents to assign daily, weekly or periodic jobs to one or more children.  Then your child logs on, checks on what jobs he needs to complete, and checks off those that he has completed.  An email arrives to your inbox once a job is completed.  Points are added to your child’s account that can be transferred into money that you pay or traded for rewards such as more computer time.

A weekly chore chart can be printed as a PDF for younger kids or those kids that are not online.

This is an high-tech version of the old-school sticker chart.  Might be a good way to get our high-tech kids motivated!

I’d love to hear other ways you keep your kids on track and motivated to get their jobs done.  Please share your ideas.


Amy Munns

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“This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson





Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

2 thoughts on “Get the kids to help

  1. Great tool Amy! I’m going to use it with my clients! Thanks.

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