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Laundry tips – Part 3 – Timers

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Happy Thursday!

As I stated yesterday, one of the main hurdles I hear from people is that while doing laundry, they get distracted.  Do you sort all your clothes with the best of intentions to get it all done in one day – including folding and put away?

Here is what I think happens – life.  Kids, phone calls, emails, jobs, errands, dinners, housecleaning, yard work – they all get in the way of the accomplishing the simple task of laundry.  I invite you to take a moment and think of what life would look like if we had to physically hand wash ever article of clothing.  Then what if we had to hang all the clothes on a line to dry – then iron everything – and then fold and put it all away?  So while the chore of doing laundry every week is daunting and boring – it could be a lot worse!

With that in mind – I offer another tip on how to stay focused and not let other things distract us from completing the laundry task.  My tip for today – – TIMERS!

I think I can safely say that all dryers have a buzzer that goes off when a load is finished.  And I know that a lot of the new models of washing machines have buzzers that go off when they are complete too.  But here is my issue with those buzzers – they only ring once and unless you are standing very close to the machines when they go off – you probably aren’t going to hear them.

So I suggest to you setting a timer and taking it with you wherever you go in the house.  Timers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and abilities these days.  Use one that works for you.  Maybe you set your smart phone and carry it in your pocket, maybe you use an old fashion mechanical timer that you wind up to a certain number of minutes.  I personally like the timer on my oven.  I think I like this one best because it keeps going off until I physically turn it off.  This is probably to prevent your cake from burning to a crisp – but the timer doesn’t know if it is timing a cake or a load of towels.

What do you think?  Maybe this might help keeping you on task?  I hope so!

Thanks for reading.

Amy Munns

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The laundy has its hand on my dirty shirts, sheets, towels and tablecloths.  And who knows what tales they tell.”

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