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Using Your Calendar – Part 4 – Notes

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Happy Thursday!

I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Too Much in My Inbox series using the notes section of an appointment as a way to keep all the emails in  your inbox at bay.  Today, I reiterate the functionality of the notes sections of each appointment.

When you create an appointment in your calendar, there are two simple methods to do this- no matter what program you are using.  The first one is to click on the calendar and highlight a time on a given day and type in the name of the appointment.  Going deeper, if you open the appointment, you will notice many more options that are available.  Using this view of an appointment, you can set a recurrence, a reminder, assign a category or color to the appointment.  And there is the notes sections.

The notes section is a free space in which you can add more details for the appointment.  You can keep your “notes” neatly organized by inserting agendas, directions, and any other details that pertain to the appointment.   This keeps all the information in one handy area instead of having to file information.  And it will make your life easier when trying to find information.

Let me know how it is going and if you have any comments to share.  To revisit Too Much in My Inbox, click here –https://amymunns.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/too-much-in-my-inbox-part-1-inbox-rules/


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