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Getting Motivated to Get Things Done – Part 4

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Let it go

Not probably the answer you were expecting, but let’s be honest; somethings just need to released and never thought of again.  If you are sitting on a project that you have absolutely no motivation to get done, you can’t imagine ever getting it done and the fact that you haven’t done it – haunts you…it might be time to face the fact that it will probably never get done.   Not to mention, you have survived this long without completing it, does it really need to be done?  And releasing the guilt or nagging feeling of it hanging over your head, might actually feel good and freeing.

In my DVD example – I am not ready to “let it go”.  These are my kids and my memories and I can’t imagine not documenting them in some way other than being stored on my hard drive.  I want them to have something to show their children.  But, I did recently let go of a big project I hadn’t touched in years.  About twelve or thirteen years ago I started a huge sewing project that I intended to give to my parents for a gift.  But it was so huge, I lost interest.  A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law and I were talking about it and she offered to work on it.  It felt so good to hand it over to her.  I don’t see it anymore when I work in my sewing area.  Quite frankly, I don’t even think about it.  Very freeing indeed!

Hope you are finding my “Getting Motivated to Get Things Done” helpful.  Final tip, tomorrow.



PS.  On this Veteran’s Day and everyday – Thank you to all our Veterans for all you have sacrificed for us and our country.


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