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The Hare-less Wolf

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I am a huge Bugs Bunny fan.  He is fun to quote when the timing seems right.  This is a classic.

The other night, my husband, Tim, told me two things that he wanted for Christmas this year.  1. A subscription to People Magazine and 2. ….. – – – we have no idea what the second thing was he wanted.  He told me his things over a week ago and neither one of us can remember what the second thing was.  He has been racking his brain trying to conjure up some way to recall what the idea was.  When I asked him if it was a hippopotamus – we both busted out laughing (see carton above).

While the obvious way to remember something is to make a list and write it down, sometimes “writing it down” just isn’t practical.  You could be driving or in the shower, making dinner or in the case of  Tim and me and his Christmas gift idea, we were relaxing on the couch watching TV one night and neither one of us felt compelled to get up and make note of this all important gift idea for an event that is still two and a half months away.

Here are a couple of ways that I suggest you remember something – or at least until you can act on it on or find a piece of paper and jot it down.

1. Tie a ribbon around your finger.  This old idiom really works.  But wait – no ribbon you say?  No problem.  Try placing your wedding band on the other hand or move your watch to the opposite wrist.  Something that will feel “off” yet every time you notice it, it will trigger your memory about what you are trying to indeed remember.

2. Create an acronym or pick a number.  Whether it is a list of errands to make for the day or a list of groceries, anything can be made into an acronym.  What does PLAGG mean to you?  If I were creating an acronym of places I need to go –  it might mean – “Post office, Library, Amy goes to get Gas and Grocery Store”. Personally, I am not always feeling that creative, so I just list the things I need and total them up.  If I have five things on my grocery list, I remember the number five verses each individual item.

What do you use to remember things?  Shared ideas and comments are always welcomed.

Hope you are having a great day!




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