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43 Ways to Simplify Your Life – #2

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#2  – Process email only twice a day!

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WHAT?  But I live in my inbox.  Most of my work comes starts and ends with an email.  Many times I have multiple email messages open because I need them for references and information.  But I hear what Dr. Mercola is saying when he wrote this.  And just like cell phones – there are ways to make email less of a headache.  Here’s what I suggest:

  • Like your cell phone – only check email when you have the time to respond.  By constantly checking email, our focus is constantly changing direction and we can’t dedicate our full attention to the task at hand.

I have an email notification popup at the bottom of my monitor.  When I receive a new message – POP  – my computer and phone tell me so.  But – I resist the urge to look at the window or even click on the message until I have finished the task I am working on.  Likewise, if I am not working at my computer and I hear my phone buzz with a new email, I don’t rush over to check it.  Unless I am ready and able to respond appropriately – it doesn’t get read.

Good luck.

Hope you have a great day!




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